About Us

CedarFeeder started back in the mid 1980’s. At that time, we supplied Rock Valley Garden Center¬† with our hand made feeders, selling them in quantities of 10 to 12 at a time. Frank said they sold like crazy (for $250+ in the Chicago area). Shortly thereafter, I started a real job and seven years went by without making a single feeder, though requests were always coming in. Ten more years have gone by and now I’m back on my own and we’re tooling up for another Cederfeeder production run.

cheap pine feeder

$50 store bought pine feeder – lasted 2 years

One of a Kind Quality:

You just can’t find anything close to our feeders in any stores. Everything they sell is thin, cheap wood or plastic that might last a year or two in the weather. Our design is built from quality western red cedar and no finish whatsoever. Red cedar is naturally water repellent and will last for many years. No finish means safer chow time for our feathered friends. Some of our feeds are still in service after 20 years or more!

You can buy a cheap feeder that will fall apart or you can build from our plans and get a higher quality long lasting product that you can say you built yourself! We can also make one for you by special order request.
If you are handy, we encourage you to build your own using our plans.
If you would like to build your own feeder, get started here> Order the Log Cabin Bird Feeder Plans.